5 home improvement projects under a $1000

What sort of projects can give you the best return on your investment (ROI)? Source: trwindowservices.com

Customer Testimonials

Gravina’s products and the service were excellent. The new windows are much better than the windows they replaced. They are keeping the warmth in the room and I can see they will keep the heat out in the summer which will be a blessing. The young man who did the the job was prompt, polite …

Should I Really Care About My Home and Garden

If you ask anyone that enjoys his life about the two things he cares about the most, you would probably find a unique answer: car and home; the car because it is what you use to move from a place to another so you want it to be nice looking and comfortable; and the house …

Urban Blight Hack: Installing Windows And Doors On Abandoned Buildings Reduces Crime

Simple, low-cost improvements, such as installing new windows and doors, may be effective in deterring criminal activity within communities Source: trwindowservices.com